What We Do

Expertise to match your business requirement.

At Interim CFO, we provide full and part-time proven Finance leaders for short, medium and longer-term assignments. 

We partner with CFO’s who are experts within their fields, have demonstrated success across different business phases and can inject niche skills and industry knowledge at short notice. 

Within our wide network we have access to CFOs with international and NZX-listed corporates, private equity firms, businesses that have gone through times of complex transformation, restructuring or growth including acquisitions, sales or IPOs.  

Benefits of Interim CFOs

An Interim CFO can be a perfect, cost effective solution for your business. An Interim CFO will:

  • Bring expertise and specialised skills that may not be readily available in house or that may not be required on a permanent basis.
  • Bring immediate value so you will quickly see results.
  • Be able to upskill and develop your existing team.
  • Bring a fresh perspective.

Selecting the right Interim CFO

The type of Interim CFO you require will depend on what phase your organisation is going through. The core requisite skills are very different in a start-up, scale up or established business.

CFO Functions

The eight types of Interim CFO functions we specialise in are outlined below.

Establishment CFO

This is an ‘all hands on deck’ role that shapes structure and is typically on an interim basis until operations are established. These CFOs have a strong focus on cash management, strategic planning / insights, implementation of financial control processes and risk management.  

Growth CFO

These CFOs are experienced across a range of functions with a proven track record of taking businesses through dynamic change or achieving significant growth targets. Common deliverables include accessing funding, implementing a fully integrated ERP, introducing dashboards and bringing in new talent.

Change CFO

These CFOs are all-rounders with specific expertise in driving successful transformation, restructuring  and culture change.

Replacement CFO

Experienced leaders who will hold the financial reins in between CFOs and ensure a smooth transition.

Preparing for a sale

These CFOs, skilled in cashflow management and due diligence, will skillfully prepare and execute a full or partial sale.

Preparing for an IPO

These CFOs are seasoned experts with demonstrated success within complex, listed environments. With a broad skillset across all aspects of corporate governance, they will lead the due diligence process to create the foundation and successfully execute an IPO.

Projects or Systems implementation

These CFOs bring specialised skills at a senior level specifically to meet a business requirement, project or to implement new systems.

Part-time CFO

These CFOs are accomplished professionals with a broad technical skill base that bring senior, strategic expertise to SMEs or start-up businesses that need systems or processes established.