CFO Bedtime Reading Series: Craig Peirce

In this series, we talk with CFOs to find out what they’re reading, and why they’re reading it.

In this interview, we speak with Property For Industry CFO and COO Craig Peirce, who gave us an insight into his daily content consumption.

Thanks for taking the time to discuss your CFO reading habits, so let’s start off with what you read at work?

I go through my inbox first. I receive a lot of emails from banks, brokers and professional services firms so each morning I skim through those emails for nuggets of key insights. Some particularly good ones are the Craigs Investment Partners “Morning Sales Focus” and weekly updates from ANZ “Charts That Matter.” Because PFI is a listed company, I also spend a bit of time looking over company and sector reports, as well as the press releases from our listed peers.

What do you read outside of work? Specifically, what would you call your “bedtime reading”?

I read the odd bit of non-fiction by authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, however I much prefer to switch my brain off and read crime fiction!

Are there any particular topics (derivatives, trading etc.) that you feel are particularly important for a CFO to be up to date on?

The answer to this question really depends on the nature of your role and your company. For example, we manage quite a lot of debt and hedging, so these are two of the areas I focus on.

Outside of finance focused news, what other news areas or topics do you feel are important for a CFO to keep up to date with?

The competitive landscape. Where your company sits in that landscape will have a huge impact on your role and the company’s prospects.

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